Vimax Extender vs X4 Labs Extender

Penis extenders are considered to be the best methods of penis enlargement available in the market because they are highly effective and no other method can meet such effectiveness of the penis extenders. The rising demand of penis extenders has lead to emergence of number of penis extenders in the market. Vimax extender and X4Labs penis extender is two such extender which are considered to be highly effective devices and are also very well known extenders in the market.

People may come across a big confusion if they are looking forward to purchase anyone of the device. Therefore it is advisable for the people to compare Vimax Extender vs X4Labs extender. This comparison will surely help the people to know which one of the extender is more effective and choose anyone out of the two. This will allow the person to land up using the best extender. Vimax extender and X4Labs penis extender are both effective extenders but X4Labs penis extender is more effective as compared to vimax.

X4Labs penis extender helps the personto add up to 4 inch to the length and 2-3 inch to the girth of the penis whereas vimax extender helps the person to add up to 3-4 inch to the length and 1.5-2 inch to the girth of the penis. X4Labs penis extender is more comfortable to wear as compared to vimax extender as it is made up of comfort strap technology. Vimax extender costs $299.99 whereas X4Labs costs around $199.99. X4Labs penis extender comes with more spare parts and accessories as compared to vimax extenders. People can avail a free trail of X4Labs penis extender and can personally check the effectiveness of the extender whereas there is no such free trail available with vimax extender. X4Labs penis extender is recommended over vimax extender.