Size Genetics vs Jes Extender

Penis Extender Comparison         Penis extenders are the best known methods for penis enlargement. Penis extenders are medically proven method for penis enlargement. Penile extenders are very safe as compared to other methods of penis enlargement. Penile methods are also very effective as compared to methods of penis enlargement.

        Therefore it is very important for the people to choose the best penis extender available in the market. People may find many extender devices in the market while searching for one of them and may have come across sizegenetics and jes extender as they are the two well known devices. Many people often argue on sizegenetics v/s jes extender depending on the liking of the people.

        Size genetics v/s jes extender will help the people to clear all their confusion regarding the extenders and choose the best one of the two. Sizegenetics has a padded rubber comfort strap which makes it more comfortable than the noose design of the jes extender. The noose design of the basic jes extender restricts the blood supply to the penis and it also cause lots of pain to the people while wearing it whereas sizegenetics enhances the supply of blood to the penis and do not cause even a little pain. There are no shipping costs involved while purchasing sizegenetics whereas people will have to pay up some amount for the shipping of jes extender.

        Both of the methods are effective but size genetics are better as they are more comfortable. Both the extenders help the people to add at least 3 inch to the length of the penis. But it is always advisable for the people to opt for the best extender and X4Labs is considered to be the best extender. X4Labs is a better extender than sizegenetics and jes extender as they are more comfortable, more effective etc.