Penile Curvature

Penis which has a slight bend is considered to be a normal one, but many people have such a bend that the penis looks curved in shape. Such people either are facing the problem of penile curvature disorder or have injured their penis. Such injury can be caused when the penis hits the pelvic chord of the partner or also when the person bends his penis vigorously. Penile curvature is a disorder which can also be inherited or it can come genetically. This disorder happens when the elastic covering surrounded near the penis damages. This elastic covering is better known as tunica albuginea.

Penile curvature is also attached with side effects such as visual shortening of penis, problems during sexual intercourse and many such problems. But people should not be worried about such disorder as there are number of methods available in the market which can help the people to rectify such disorder. Those people who witness bent on their penis while erection should consult the physicians or doctors and find out whether they are suffering from such disorder or condition.

The elastic tissue can be repaired with surgical methods, traction methods and many others. The surgical methods are considered to be very risky as even a single mistake of the doctor or physician can create lots of problem. It is not advisable for the people to opt for surgical methods as there are many other methods which are effective and considered to the safest.

Traction method is considered to be one such method which can help people to rectify the penis curve. Traction method helps the division and multiplication of the cells which allows more blood flow in the penis during its erection. This will help the person to have a better and thicker penis erection. This method is in use by orthopedic surgeons since number of years. This method applies tensile force to the curved part of the penis to correct it.