Fastsize vs Vimax Extender

Penis extenders are really gaining lots of popularity day by day and it has completely changed the scenario of the penis enlargement industry as the extenders are taking over other penis enlargement methods. This is because the penis extenders are really very effective and safe to use. The popularity of the penis extender has lead to the emergence of number of brands of penis extenders. Fastsize and Vimax extender is two such extenders which have emerged with an intention of helping the people to meet their desire of having an enlarged penis. Fastsize and vimax extender both are effective device and can really help the people to increase the length and girth of the penis.

        Fastsize and Vimax extender not only helps the people to have an enlarged penis but they also play an important role in helping the people to improve their overall sexual health. But which one the extender is more effective can create confusion in the mind of those people who are looking forward to purchase any one of the extender out of the two. Fastsize vs Vimax extender can help the people to get rid of this confusion.

        Fastsize extender costs around $279 whereas vimax extender costs around $299. vimax extender is slightly costly when compared to fastsize. Fastsize extender can help the people to increase the length and girth of the penis to the extent of 3 inch whereas vimanx extender can help the people to increase the length by 1.5-4 inch. With the use of fastsize and viamax extender people can increase the girth by 2 inch. Both the extenders can really help the people to improve the condition of penile curvature to the extent of 70-75%. Both the extenders are effective but X4Labs extender is one such extender which is more effective than any other extender in the market. X4Labs penis extender is more effective, more comfortable, comes with more parts and accessories and is also less costly when compared to both the extenders.