Birth Control

        People sometimes fall into sexual activity without wearing any protection and improve the chances of unwanted pregnancy. This is a much tensed situation for many of them as will opt for abortion. Therefore it is always advised for the people to wear a condom before entering into any sexual intercourse if the partners are not planning to have a baby. Baby birth control is a regime where medications may be followed in order to prevent the chances of pregnancy or childbirth. Such methods are opted by the people deliberately as they are did a big mistake by entering in to a sexual activity without wearing a condom.

        The birth control medications are special type of mechanism that is planned to lower the sperm cell which fertilizes the egg. Birth control is a used for family planning. There are different ways of birth control which have different characteristics. The physical methods of birth control may prove to work as this is method where the sperms are restricted physically from entering the re-productive tract of the female. Hormonal method can prevent ovulation from happening thus making the women track unreceptive to sperms. Surgical methods can also help the male or female reproductive tract to induce sterility. Male and female condom can also help in birth control.

        Behavioral methods of the person such as ejaculation control i.e. withdrawing the penis before ejaculating inside the penis. There are many birth control pills available in the market but there are many women who are worried about the side effects of the pill. Those women who are smokers or are facing any liver problems, vaginal bleeding, cancer etc should stay away from such pills. This pill can cause various harmful effects which can prove to be fatal in some of the cases. Therefore it is recommended for the people to have safe sex as it is best birth control.