Average Penis Size Survey

People have been desperate to know the average penis size that exists around the world and hence there have been various surveys that have been carried out so that some conclusion can be made. The average penis size survey revealed various facts and myth about penis that the humans have and the results have been nothing but shocking. While many men have an average penis size they tend to believe that their penis size is smaller than most and hence they lose the confidence while having sex or are just too embarrassed about the size.

        The same survey also revealed the fact that most of the women were quite happy about the size of the penis of their partner. The average penis size survey also brought to front the fact that people with smaller penis are not able to get the best of sexual satisfaction for themselves and their partners is because of the mental block they have that they will never be able to satisfy their partner with such a small penis size. It is very important for the male to be quite confident about himself while trying to have sex because if he is not he will not be able to make the experience enjoyable for his partner as well as for himself.

        If you feel that your penis is too small to satisfy your partner you can either consult a doctor for advice or use equipments like a penis extender so that you can increase the size of your penis and feel confident about the way you are and the way you would take care of your partner during a sexual intercourse. There are females who fantasize bid penis sizes and if your partner is one such you can surely help her by using an extender so that you can have a size above the average penis size.