Average Penis Size

        What is the average penis size and how does it affect the sex life of an individual, both these questions have been around for a long time and though extensively answered they remain partly unanswered. In fact going back to the ancient times even our forefathers had different opinions about the same, while the Greeks believed that a small penis was desirable and a longer penis would look comical, the Romans and the Arabs contradicted this and preferred longer penis size. Also the various studies show that men want to have longer penis but most of them are satisfies with the size of the penis that they have.

        The major problem is that men think that their penis is smaller than the others and hence they would not be able to satisfy their partners but a survey showed that maximum percentage of the sexually active female population was satisfied with the size of her partner’s penis. The average penis size is said to be around 5 inches. Also the average penis size has been in question because of the role that it would play during the sexual intercourse and the satisfaction of the female partner. It has been proved to an extent that the size of the penis does not make a difference in the intercourse most of the times and the block is more mental than physical.

        Due to the lack of proper sex education and various other wrong beliefs there have been a lot of perceptions about the average penis size and the problems related to it. Though it is not a must but an increased penis size can help the male partner get that much needed confidence and that will help him satisfy his partner better, sexually. So if you think that you need a bigger penis get it done because it will surely improve your sex life!