Alternative Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer

        Prostate cancer is a dangerous cancer it cannot come to notice in early stages and thus can prove to be fatal. This kind of cancer is very common among the African American men than the white men. The most dangerous type of cancer is lung cancer and the second most dangerous cancer is prostate cancer and it is one of the major reasons behind the death of American men. This type of cancer is made up from the cells of prostate gland and is very dangerous. This type of cancer affects mostly the older men and it slowly develops into the body. This kind of cancer is affected to person above the age of 60 years. Prostate cancer develops slowly and is due to the constant changes in behavior of the cell structure. The most common symptoms of prostate cancer are difficulty in passing urine, frequent urination especially at night, traces of blood in urine, painful feeling when passing urine etc.

        This cancer cannot be completely cured but there alternative Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer which can help the person to live on for some more years. There are many treatments available for such disease but the treatment may not be same every time it may change from patient to patient. The treatment can be in the form of anti-inflammatory agents, antibiotics, muscle relaxants etc. prostate cancer requires the testosterone to grow and hence increasing the level of testosterone is very important. People can increase the level of testosterone by maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise. People should consume food stuffs which are rich in proteins and omega 3 fatty acids. Food stuffs like fish and flaxseed are rich in omega 3 and can really help the level of testosterone to grow. Chicken, beefs etc are rich in proteins and are also very important for the increase of testosterone.