After Treatment for Prostate Cancer

        Prostate cancer is caused due to the constant and behavioral changes in the structure of the cell. This kind of cancer is a malevolent growth of tumor made up from the cells of prostate gland. This type of cancer is mostly affected to the African American men beyond the age of 60 years. This kind of cancer grows slowly and thus it becomes very difficult to determine the cancer in its early stage. This type of cancer is very dangerous and can prove to be very fatal for the people. This type of cancer takes around thirty thousands dearth everyday year and the numbers are still growing. This cancer is an unusual type of cancer and is the second most deadly type of cancer after lung cancer. The symptoms also cannot be determined in early stages and hence it is considered to be a deadly cancer.

        The most common symptoms for such kind of cancer are;

1. Painful sensation during urination

2. Need for frequent urination especially during nights

3. Blood in urination

4. When there is difficulty in passing urine etc.

        People should be very particular about such symptoms when they cross the age of 50 and should immediately consult the doctor if they feel any one of the above mentioned symptom. There are number of treatments available for prostate cancer but no treatment can help the people to cure it completely. The treatment can help the people to add some more years to their life. The treatments are in the form of antibiotics, anti-inflammatory agents etc. After Treatment for Prostate Cancer people should be very particular about their food and should consume food stuffs which are rich in protein and omega 3 fatty acids as it helps the person to enhance the level of testosterone which is very much required.